Tiling Outdoor Areas

Things to consider..

The average homeowner may be tempted to assume that outdoor tiles are just the same as indoor but when it comes to tiling areas that are exposed to the elements, there are some important differences to consider. The most important of which are durability and design. External tiles usually appear more like natural stone, concrete or pavement and consist of a deeper and more coarse texture. Whereas indoor tiles tend to be smoother and are usually made to look like ceramic, vinyl, wood or other natural materials. So before you start tiling, make sure you've got the right type of tiles because if you use indoor porcelain tiles for your outdoor living space, they definitely wont last as long under the weather.

Why tile outdoor surfaces?

There is a wide variety of reasons people choose tiles for the outdoor spaces around their home. For example, pool areas need a non-slip outdoor tile because materials such as plastic and wood can get quite slippery when they are moistened with water, which can lead to painful accidents. With this in mind, the best choice is a pool safe decking tile around pool or spa areas.


If your home is in a part of Tasmania that hit by the extremes of our climate and your looking to create a garden that is resistant and sustainable, you'll need porcelain tiles that are designed for withstanding heavy rains, frosts and of course plenty of sun. Such tiles are also desirable for balconies because they tend to be very durable under a wide range of weather conditions. Choosing exterior tiles for your decking, garage, paths or patio areas makes them much easier to clean and look after. Whether you choose wood, marble or slate tiles, they will make your outdoor space much more durable as well as stylish.


Which types of external tiles suit your needs?

There is a vast multitude of exterior tiling options to choose from. These include decking, balcony, pool, spa, floor and wall options. Adding to this is the wide palette of colours, grades and textures to choose from. This is where our Professional tilers prove their worth. Some simple questions such as.. 

  • What will the tiled area be used for?

  • What types of weather will the tiles be exposed to?

  • How much sunlight will they receive?

  • Where will they be positioned?

  • What materials and design features are surrounding the area?

  • How would you like the tiles to look?

  • How much is your budget? 

The answers to which will give our master tilers the right information to assist you in making the perfect tiling selection for your outdoor area, your home in general as well as fitting within your budget.


We have a wide range of outdoor tiling types and styles for you to select from. The broad categories of which are..

  • Natural stone tile, such as granite, marble, slate, limestone etc

  • Porcelain tile which are designed to be non-porous and resistant to fading

  • Wood tiles which are made for heavy traffic areas and designed to handle the elements.

  • Mosaic tile designs and installations for visual impact.


Tips for getting your tiles to stand the test of time..

When laying outdoor tiles, most people are worried about their longevity and durability. Chips, scratches, mould and even pests can lead to major issues with your tiling installation, especially in Tasmania. We always advise our customers to 

  • powder wash their new tiles regularly and use a high quality material finish to ensure they retain that fresh and new-looking finish. 

  • Keep an eye out for weed and dirt accumulating in the cracks and grooves.

  • Make note of any chips, scratches or mould and seek to clean or repair those areas asap.

  • Check the grouting every once in a while to avoid any structural issues that can undermine your tiles and make them weaker.

  • Watch out for water accumulating or pooling in certain areas that it wasn’t designed for.


A well chosen and adequately maintained tiled area can give your outdoor living space or garden a completely different feel, not to mention making it durable and easy to maintain. Adding to this, the outdoor areas are often the first impression people get of your home, so it's important to set a good first impression that draws people inside and makes them comfortable in your space.

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