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Kitchen tiling can be complex, so leave it to the experts

Lets face it, the kitchen is where most of the action happens. Whether is breakfast, lunch or dinner, or perhaps a midnight snack, lets face it we spend a tonne of time in this space. From cooking to washing up and everything in between, we need to make sure that your tiles are up to the task. When approaching tiling solutions for kitchens, we have all of this in mind. 


We make sure to make sure your kitchen tiles are durable, well sealed and resistant to stains. We match the design with your appliances and installations such as cupboards, benches and cooktops. Our kitchen tiling solutions include floors and walls, benchtops and splashbacks. We blend practicality with interior design to ensure that your kitchen space is both function and aesthetically appealing.

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Things to consider when tiling your kitchen

Retiling your entire kitchen involves many steps, but often it's well worth the effort to transform one of our most used living spaces. To bring in the new, we often need to go out with the old, but this requires a careful approach. Despite asbestos being banned in Australia since 2003, we often encounter old or imported tiles that contain the poisonous substance. If our initial assessment reveals the presence of asbestos, we seal off the entire area and perform a full extraction and cleaning of the area to ensure it's danger is completely mitigated. We can then remove all the necessary old materials to ready the space for the retiling process.


Once this step is overcome, we can start preparing the surfaces of your kitchen for laying new tile. This usually involves levelling, smoothing and creating the perfect flat surfaces required for our tilers to get the majestic finishes we renowned for. We then proceed with the full process of laying kitchen tiles (You can read about that here).  

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What's required from you, during kitchen tiling?

For a start kitchen tiling can often take more than one day, so you need to set aside some time for this process to be completed in its entirety. Bare in mind that you may have limited or no access to your kitchen during this process, so arrange some takeaway options or cook food with a neighbour or friend.


If you have kids and pets, they should be kept away from the kitchen while the tiling process is underway. Often sharp edges are exposed and there can be tools, debris or new materials lying around and this can be dangerous if people aren't careful (read more about the tiling process here). We also like to know the location of water mains and electrical switchboards to cut these services when necessary for some stages of the process.


Of course, we appreciate your help and input and we will always try to be efficient and get the job done as soon as possible, to return your favourite space back to it's original owners. We love to see the look on your faces when we reveal the rejuvenated and now sparkling kitchen surfaces that will provide the perfect backdrop to all your activities and meals throughout the years to come.   

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We're seasoned veterans at all things tilers, tiling and tiles related. Our Master tilers have decades of kitchen experience and this alone can inform your home project and save you tonnes of research, time and money.

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